Negative & Slide Scanning

Negative & Slide Scanner
Negative & Slide Scanner
Negative & Slide Scanner
Negative Scanner

Despite the hype- film isn’t dead!!

Why get all of your negs scanned? Have a digital reference and be able to reprint just like with you’re new digital camera. It’s a great way to keep the family album complete, be able to save the photos that have been damaged because the negs haven’t been kept in the best conditions, or slides that may be degrading.

We also offer an extensive array of scanning options from old 110 film through to 6×9 120mm negatives. That means we can scan those 35mm negs from family events and weddings, all kinds of negatives even old Box Brownie negs that your parents might have sitting in the back of the wardrobe, don’t forget the slide too.

With 35mm film we are able to offer upto 4000dpi scans on our professional grade Nikon Scanner, all other film types our maximum is only 3000dpi, so just half a wall mural instead of a whole one.

All of our scans and hand corrected for the best possible result and either burt to DVD disc as Data or slideshow or both. We have recently begun scanning for online storage for customers through our online storage and ordering system.

Contact Us today to discuss how we can help you preserve those precious long lost memories


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