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We, here at Still Images are passionate about photos and photography and we want to provide our clients with top quality, personalised service and an excellent product that you as our customers can have confidence in.

Our terms and conditions are an important way of reassuring you that we are interested in serving your best interests and allow us to get on with the important business of preserving your memories for years to come. Please read the following Terms and Conditions of Use. By deciding to use the service you are agreeing to abide by the terms as they are set forward and we look forward to taking care of your printing and gift needs soon!


As stated in these terms and conditions, the following references ‘we’ and ‘us’ refers to Still Images management, employees and affiliates. The terms ‘you’ and ‘the customer’ refer to those that choose excellence and quality and therefore use our service. In accordance with these terms we term the expression ‘private information’ to mean secure information such as credit card numbers and authorizations or private phone numbers.


By choosing to use the software and services available on this site you are agreeing to the terms of use and are aware of all conditions associated with such use as set out below. By using this service you (the consumer) agree to abide by the rules as stated. The expressed purpose of this site is to facilitate customers using this service to print photos, transfer digital data and select photo gifts using their personal photographs using a professional digital minilab. We may keep customer information such as Name, e-mail, phone numbers and other generic information.


We at Still Images agree to provide the service of printing and producing high quality images and gifts and digital files to our customers expressed specifications. This is of course with the editing choices or with no changes made according to the customer, and to arrange delivery to the address provided by you. Please note: changes made by the customer are the responsibility of the customer, we do not spell check custom text. We will endeavour to provide to you all details necessary to produce your product. We will provide the best possible security at the time of processing your order, ten(10) business days after completion we will destroy all private information. We may keep customer information such as Name, e-mail, phone numbers and other generic information to allow us to provide support and pass on information. Our Customers information is not, under any circumstances, passed on to marketing companies or any other party outside of Still Images and it’s affiliates.


Should an order be returned to Still Images as undelivered we will attempt to contact the customer regarding their order using the information supplied. If we are unable to contact the customer for redelivery we will hold an order for collection for no more than twenty one (21) days after return. After that time if we have not received instruction the order will be destroyed. We do offer refunds on orders, however, this is only at the discretion of the Still Images management team.


Still Images packages the orders and then delivers to Australia Post and Courier Services of our choosing. We take no responsibility for loss, mishandling or damage incurred throughout the process of delivery. We will, however, try to assist where possible try to assist in recovering orders and ask that we be informed if your order sustains damage. We endeavour to process and post the order as quickly as possible, however we are not responsible should the order arrive outside the expected time frame. Our customers are given every opportunity to choose a delivery arrangement that is most suitable to them. If our given options are unsuitable, you the customer may make arrangements at your own discretion. We are not liable for any such arrangements that you choose to make. Customers are welcome to pick up their order from the store, we will be unable to process the order however if the customer does not present their order number, proof of payment or adequate identification at the point of collection.


We would advise those seeking to use this service that customers are requested to abide by a basic code of conduct. We reserve the right to deny service to any individual whose selects images that are deemed offensive under Australian Law.

Should we receive material that relates to Animal or Child abuse or Child pornography we will immediately inform law enforcement and related authorities regarding any such activity if we deem the images to be in violation of applicable laws.

We will also, at our discretion, not provide any of our available services under the following circumstances:

  • Any content that can be construed as abusive, threatening or harassing in any way.
  • Any image that is derogatory, personally offensive or defamatory.
  • Any image that infringes upon copyright or intellectual property rights of another party, be they an individual, a business or an organisation without the expressed permission of the owner.
  • Any content that may call into disrepute, this service or Still Images in any way.
  • Any content that we suspect may be being used to commit a crime or may be used to assist unlawful behaviour.


The still Images web-site has been designed to allow customers to select and print images, create giftware and create digital copies of their images with all of the choices that you would receive at a traditional photo lab (or in our store) wherever and whenever most convenient. The orders that we receive from you are printed ‘as they are’. Meaning that when we receive your order we print all corrections and edits that you may, or may not have made during your selections. If you send through an order and find that it may contain errors we ask that you please contact Still Images staff immediately prior to your order being processed so that we may stop it to allow you to resubmit excluding the errors. Please note that this can be as little as ten (10) minutes after submission so please be vigilant and double check your order prior to submission.    


In accordance with copyright laws the owner of the images is that person that created or photographed the image, by using this service you agree to allow Still Images, royalty-free, non-exclusive and universal right to display, edit, modify, copy or transmit your images for the sole purpose of providing the selected services available on this website. You retain ownership of the images or you have the expressed written permissions of the owner that enable upload of the content. In using this service you acknowledge that we cannot be held liable for any copyright infringements that may occur through use of this service. We have no control over the use of your images or photographs or any subsequent publication or copying. You waive any right to take legal action or make claims against Still Images, it’s staff or affiliates should any copyright infringement occur.


We use independent third party software to facilitate editing and upload of your images. You may be asked to agree and abide by the Terms and conditions of use of said software as well as the terms and conditions of Still Images to use this facility and understand that you are responsible for correctly uploading your images with the edits and/or corrections that you have selected.


Promotions are non-transferable. All promotion are limited to 1 per person and are not valid with any other discounts or offers. Unless otherwise advised at the time of the promotion, at Still Images complete discretion.
⚠ By accepting our special offers or by entering our competitions through our social media channels Facebook, Instagram or our websites, you agree to receive marketing emails such as specials, offers and promotions from Still Images. Rest assured that Still Images takes your privacy very seriously and will not sell or give your information away to other parties. You may opt out of our newsletters and promotions at any time.
Any and all Prize/Rewards offered by Still Images are done so in good faith. Still Images staff will take any and all reasonable measures to ensure that no misrepresentation of any of the prizes offered occurs. Unless otherwise advised, all promotional draws are conducted by either an impartial third party or specifically designed software at Still Images discretion. At no time is any personal user information passed on, unless stated in the individual promotion. All customers are given the opportunity to participate in VIP Clubs, Rewards Programs and special promotions. You acknowledge that if you choose not to join the VIP club that you are not able to claim access to the promotions or discounts set forward for those that choose memberships. You also agree that you will ensure that you will adhere to and only make claims within the set outlines including final dates of upload for all promotions available. Should you wish to terminate your membership you may do so at any time. We may also terminate a membership at our discretion at any time and restrict access to promotions, discounts or rewards. You waive any right to seek compensation for such restrictions or terminations.

No prizes or rewards offered in any of Still Images promotions, are in any way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with any other entity.


Still Images will endeavour to take any and all precautions to protect the privacy of our consumers. However we may relate relevant information if required to our affiliates only. Your information is protected unless we are required to disclose information by law. We believe it is necessary to abide by legalities regarding court orders or other legal processes being conducted. In any other circumstance we protect your personal and private information to the best of our ability using international standard SSL encryption software. We will not be held liable for theft of such information. Private information is destroyed ten (10) days after order completion. Personal information is stored in an independent hard drive not accessible via the internet.


You as the customer understand that there are some circumstances that are beyond our control and beyond the service terms. Still Images will not be held responsible as part of your use this website and all services offered within under the following circumstances, and as such you will waive any rights to take legal action:

You understand that all spelling errors, punctuation, accuracy of custom text or incorrect elements of orders are the responsibility of the customer.

We will not be held liable or responsible for the content of any submission supplied by the customer.

We will not compensate or replace any order lost, mishandled or damaged in transit

We will not provide a refund or compensation to a customer on the basis of dissatisfaction due to personal taste or preferences.

We will not be held responsible for external tampering that may cause issues or damage your computer during the course of ordering and upload i.e. Trojan horses, worms viruses and other such software infections.


All orders are subject to stock availability at the time of order. Should we incur any kind of supply issue we will advise you at the time of order and attempt to process the order as rapidly as possible. In the event of a known stock shortage we will attempt to place notification on the website. Please note, however, that may not always be possible. Our stock range or pricelist can and may change at any time. Any changes that do occur will be reflected in the pricelist and catalogue, thus we recommend that you check the pricelist prior to ordering.


All Still Images trading account holders (Professional Photographers) are also held to the same terms and conditions found on this page, prices negotiated verbally or otherwise are based on the information supplied by you the customer, if such quantities are not met than all prices can and will be subject to change at Still Images complete discretion. Account customers (Professional Photographers) will be notified in writing and verbally of any price changes 30 days prior to any adjustments being implemented to any and all pricing structures. Any and all professional customer work is given key priority over standard consumer work.


At Still Images we stand by the quality of our product. In the rare event that you are dissatisfied with the products that you have ordered, we request that you contact Still Images within seven (7) business days of the receipt of your order. We request that you provide order, invoice number and a brief written explanation as to your dissatisfaction. Upon return of the product and explanation we will then work to resolve the issue to your satisfaction whether by reprinting your order or offering a refund. We assess each complaint on a case by case basis as we respect the needs of the individual.   


All images, trademarks, graphics, logos and trade names are the property of Still Images and it’s affiliates and may not be copied or used in any way without the expressed written permission of the owner. You may assume that all such content provided through this service is protected under copyright and all such proprietary laws. Any unauthorised reproduction will result in legal action being undertaken.


Should you require further information not contained in the website or the Terms and Conditions of Use, or to voice a complaint, or to discuss an order we request that you call us on: 0247325567or e-mail us at orders@stillimages.com.au. We will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible and assure that all such contacts will receive priority and rapid closure.

We ask that all customers or prospective customers re-read the terms and conditions for the web sites that you visit, not just ours but all sites to be aware of any recent changes.

We hope that you enjoy navigating our site and ordering from us. Our customers are highly valued and we endeavour to provide you with service and products of the highest quality. HAPPY PRINTING!!!

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