About Us


About Us

Thank you for visiting stillimages.com.au. Our business is the product of nearly 20 years experience, passion and great enthusiasm for the art and creativity of photography. Our team is made up of people with various photographic and artistic backgrounds and all of us have studied photography and been professional photographers at some stage, it’s important to us that we know our stuff and of course we are willing to learn more- so that we can help you out. We really are the whole package!

We are here to provide you with ease of use and plenty of support to achieve the result that you want. We don’t just print your photos, we give them life- and this is what makes us a bit different.

Whether you are a photographic professional, an artist, a keen amateur or enjoy pulling out the camera to catch all those special moments, Still Images has all your imaging needs covered. We’re more than happy to discuss your ideas and help bring that special project to life.

From film to digital-the photographic industry has undergone some amazing changes in the last two decades, it’s easier than ever to get your work done fast and cheap but it’s hard to get the best quality, service, experience and importantly- knowledge. Still Images hasn’t sacrificed those elements to provide a great service, for us it’s about quality, we endeavour to supply you with a better product because we know a lot about what we are doing through years of experience and education and we want to share that with our customers.
We’re chosen because we go the extra mile, try it-you may find that we’re worth it!

We offer our customers a simple and easy to use online tools that delivers quality products and services, utilising the best of digital and traditional photographic solutions.

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